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Diploma In Accounting Package

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Accounting Package



  1. Basic Course Revision.(Paint, Microsoft office word 2007)
  1. Database  (Microsoft office Excel.(Good Record, Mark Sheet, Vat & Tax),Depreciation Account, Stock Valuation. (LIFO & FIFO)
  2. Manual Account. (Fundamental of Accounting, Accounting Process,Method of Accounting, Accounting Terminology, Rules of Debit (Dr) & Credit (Cr), Journalize/Journal Entry, Ledger Posting, Trial Balance, Final Account. (T.B, P/L a/c & Balance Sheet)
  3. FinAcct 3.0.5. (Customers account open, Bank account open, Analysis and types of loan, Analysis of Expenses and income, Valuation of Fixed and Current assets)
  4. Tally 9.0/9.2. (Company Create, Ledger and accounting Vouchers create, Final Account. (Trading a/c, P/L a/c & Balance Sheet), Inventory account, Purchase and Sales of Materials, Depreciation and Appreciation, Interest Calculation.
  1. Finpro 10.0.(Final Account. (Trading a/c, P/L a/c & Balance Sheet))
  1. Email and Internet. (E-Mail ID create, Data sent etc)